Attract more online customers to your company, manage your sales on our platform and grow your business.

We are an application that helps small and medium-sized companies to acquire customers.

Why should you work with us?

  • Companies that work with us get in less than 3 months a return on investment greater than 3 times what they have invested.
  • We attract quality clients to your company with whom there is a greater chance of recurrence.
  • We get involved in the marketing and sales of your business to get 3 times more customers.

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How do we work in 3 simple steps?

Fill out a form with the essential information about your business and automatically create the landing page with this data.

Connect your Google and Facebook Ads accounts.

Start receiving customers through our CRM.

Meet some of our clients who are earning more than 3 times the investment.

"We have managed to acquire more clients and increase our sales in a short time, we started with a trial at DataMKT, but now we know it was a good decision because it allowed us to expand to the whole country."

"When we started with DataMKT we didn't know if it was going to work, but over time we have been scaling campaigns, we started with one campaing and now we have 3 that are generating sales for us in the company."

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